Gonorrhea Complications & Risks


Gonorrhea, if left untreated, can spread and cause other problems, including:

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Gonorrhea, if left untreated, can spread and cause other problems, and additional STDs. Order quick and discreet STD testing today.

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Partners and Re-infection

You should refrain from all forms of sexual activity until your body is free from the infection. If you have tested positive for gonorrhea, all your sexual partners should be notified so they can be tested and treated. It is possible to be re-infected, so be sure to use all possible precautionary measures.

Quick Snapshot

Can it be cured?
Yes. Gonorrhea is easily treated with a course of antibiotics.
Type of Infection
Bacterial. Gonorrhea is caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium.
How is it treated?
Antibiotics. A single Cefixime, Ceftriaxone, or Cephalosporin.
Recovery Time
Upto 1 week. One to two weeks can be needed for symptoms to fully disappear.
Can I have sex?
No. Sexual activity should be avoided until treatment is successful.
Can I get re-infected?
Yes. Re-infection is possible from sexual activity with an infected person.

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